Nevada Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in Nevada:

Who is required to participate?

Per the legislation, all lenders regardless of size or home state will be required to participate. The only exception is for "persons who are not normally engaged in the business or practice of financing vehicles."

Effective July 1, 2017 the ELT program will be mandatory.  The DMV will no longer process non-ELT titles from dealers or financial institutions as of September 1, 2017

How do I sign up for the ELT program?

You need to complete an application form "Application for Enrollment/Change in Electronic Lien and Title System". Nevada does not require a contract or agreement (as many other ELT states do). They do however require that you work with a "Service Provider" from the list of those on the form. DDI is a service provider for Nevada.

Visit to get a copy of the state application and our service agreement. Participation approval (and ELT assignment) takes only 2-3 days.

How do I switch service providers?

Letters need to be sent from both service providers and from the lienholder to eDealer Services. Detailed instructions are available at

Can I just register for the program and then ask for paper titles?

Nevada allows the printing of paper titles with liens at an additional cost to the lienholder. There is a $25.00 penalty assessed for each Paper Title with lien requested. If you need an expedited paper title with lien request there is a $49.00 penalty assessed.

Is there an expedited title print process? How does it work?

On a lien release, Nevada allows the lender to specify that a title should be released immediately and made available for the vehicle owner to pick up a printed title.  The DMV will charge the lienholder $29.00 for the expedited release.  The owner can then pick up a title from any DMV office. The expedited release takes at most two hours to update through DMV's systems. The owner should present identification and is responsible for any over-the-counter fee.

How does the repossession process work? Is a paper title required?

Complete a Repossession Affadavit and submit it to the DMV. For immediate sales, the affidavit can include purchaser information and a new title will be issued in the purchaser's name. Otherwise a clear title will be issued in the name of the lienholder.  Repossession does not require a paper title, however you may request a paper title in your dashboard and submit along with the repossession affidavit.

How do I request a motor vehicle record?

Nevada includes instructions on both motor vehicle records as well as driver records on their Public Records Access page. The form IR-002 contains instructions on requesting title record information.  

Are there any additional Nevada DMV fees?

Nevada also charges the lienholder a $4.00 notification fee when the electronic title notification is sent to your provider and a $4.00 release fee when you release your lien.  Both these charges will be included in your monthly invoice from DDI. 

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